About Us

Sprague Photo Stock is a family run business launched in 1999 to market the unique photographs being produced worldwide by Sean Sprague. Sean’s career as a photojournalist started in 1966 when he was 19, traveling overland from his native UK to India and beyond, always carrying a camera.

By 22 he had published his first travel book, on Bali, and shortly afterwards started a long career as a freelance photographer employed by international aid agencies involved in relief and development in the developing world. Sean has won many awards for his fine photographs and still travels on assignment to about 12 countries per year.

All the photographs are distributed digitally, thus enhancing delivery time and reducing impact on the environment. While the early work is scanned from prints and slides, the recent photographs are taken with digital cameras. Some 10,000 of the best photographs are available for use by publications and organizations.

Sprague Photo Stock is managed by Sean’s son, Nile Sprague, who also manages the website and order delivery.